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Professional ghostwriter of novels, memoirs, autobiographies and non fiction with over twenty years experience as a published writer and freelance journalist


Tell Me Your Story

We all have a story inside us and if you are happy keeping it inside that is great, rest easy.

If you are keen to get your story down on paper but don’t know how to begin, where to go next or how to find any kind of structure…

If writing does not come naturally but you have a story to tell…
If English is not your first language but you have a story to tell…
If you haven’t got the time to write but you have a story to tell…

Let Me Help…
What Do I Do?

I tame your words and ideas and craft them into a completed manuscript.
How Does It Work?

Once contact has been established, we meet, you talk, I listen to your ideas and find out from you what you wish to achieve from the writing of your story.

If the story idea works as an idea (and by the way please never be shy about coming forward with any thoughts for a story – all ideas have potential) a fee is agreed and a contract issued. Following this, we arrange to meet up on a number of occasions until I have enough material to start writing. These meetings can take place at your home, your workplace, a hotel lobby, a library or a place that works for you.

In these meetings, you talk, I listen I take notes, make recordings and ask many questions. After this, I begin writing. This involves finding and imparting your voice, seeking narrative threads, creating a structure, adding colour and through being observant, perceptive and creative, crafting your words into a fully fledged book.
How Long Does It Take?

That depends on what I am writing on your behalf.

Novels, biographies and memoirs generally range from 60,000 – 90,000 words in length and take around five months to complete a first draft.

Non-fiction books vary in length, style, depth and research, but a rough estimate is three – five months for a first draft.

I also write short stories, speeches, tributes, lyrics, humorous poems (clever not corny - I promise), radio dramas, voice-over scripts, editorial copy specialising in human interest, travel, property and food.

These take between one – seven days to complete.
What is the Cost?

I love to write, I love to listen to ideas and to craft stories. I love that my phone could ring at any second with a new story that will take my life off in a completely different direction BUT ghostwriting is also my job and I am a professional writer so yes, there is a bottom line.

Non-fiction, average length
£5000 - £8000

Memoirs and Autobiographies, average length

Fiction, average length
£10,000 - £14,000

Submission Package for Publishers

Rewriting/Editing Consultancy Services
If you have written a book but you are not happy with it or need to give it a bit of a zing or have help with editing, I can do this for you. Costs vary depending on the amount of work needed but I generally charge between
£500 - £2000.

Day Rate

Based on the ‘writer for hire’ agreement, payment is to be made in three stages:

Stage one - signing of the contract
Stage two - halfway through ghostwriting the book
Stage three - delivery of manuscript.
Will My Book Get Published?

It might. It might not. I will never give you false hope.

In my role as a ghostwriter I cannot say for certain what will or will not get bought up by publishers. What I can do is offer advice as to whether or not I believe your vision for your book is realistic based on my knowledge and experience of the publishing industry.

You have a much better chance of getting your book published if you have an idea of how the publishing industry works and how to submit ideas. The best place to research is the Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook, which has a list of publishers and agents and kind of books they are looking for.

The UK publishing industry publishes more books per inhabitant than any other country in the world equating to more than 20 new titles every hour so if this is the path you want to go down, you have as good a chance as anyone else. If you don’t try you don’t know.

What About Self-Publishing?

This is very popular route nowadays amongst new and highly experienced writers alike. For a little bit of extra work marketing the book and a small amount of money to pay, income streams can be big.

Self-publishing involves either putting your book ‘out there’ via an internet publisher that offers a Print on Demand service, which means you can print single copies of your book or publishing your story as an e-book for Kindle or other tablets. I can offer you insight into the Self Publishing industry but it is also worth you researching this yourself in order to maximize your chances to create an income.

The more you put into learning about self publishing the more you will get out of it and it can prove to be a rewarding and sometimes lucrative route to success.
I Just Want A Book Written For Posterity / Therapy

There is no pressure on you to try and get your book published. If you would like to write simply for posterity or for your friends and family or business colleagues, I am happy to do this for you.
Rewriting / Idea Consultancy

Yes, see Rewriting/Editing Consultancy Services in What Is The Cost?
I can also help you build an idea, focus your story and create a structure for your story. I also offer a mentoring service to support you as you write.
Will I Get A Contract?

A ‘writer for hire’ contract needs to be signed, which covers all of the project specifics and each of our roles within this including start and end dates.

How Can I Be Sure Everything Discussed Between Us Remains Confidential?

Confidentiality agreements can be signed prior to the start of any ghostwriting project.
Why Me?

As well as having twenty years experience writing for the national press and glossy magazines, travel books on North Africa, UK and Asia, property books, autobiographies, misery memoirs, novels, short stories and multi award winning films, I have also worked with people, businesses and organisations from all walks of life throughout the world.

With the exception of offering professional advice when requested, I never judge or add my opinions on the story you wish to tell, this is your book I work for you.

I can write in any voice, any genre, any style, any format and I am highly experienced at ‘reading’ people and finding the true essence of an individual.

Listening is as important for a ghostwriter as writing. I have perfected the art (and it is an art) of listening through listening and it is amazing what you hear when you really pay attention. It is by listening that you really get to understand your subject and find the voice while it is the ability to think and create that forms the story. Having these two components as well as the ability to write and tell a story is what turns a good writer into an excellent ghostwriter.

If you wish to view samples of work or have any further questions,
please call or email me