Abby Aron

What is the Cost?

I love to write, I love to listen to ideas and to craft stories. I love that my phone could ring at any second with a new story that will take my life off in a completely different direction BUT ghostwriting is also my job and I am a professional writer so yes, there is a bottom line.

Non-fiction, Memoirs and Autobiographies
£8,000 - £14,000

£12,000 - £20,000

Submission Package for Publishers

Rewriting/Editing Consultancy Services
If you have written a book but you are not happy with it or need to give it a bit of a zing or have help with editing, I can do this for you. Costs vary depending on the amount of work needed but I generally charge between
£500 - £2,000.

Day Rate

Based on the ‘writer for hire’ agreement, payment is to be made in three stages:

Stage one - signing of the contract
Stage two - halfway through ghostwriting the book
Stage three - delivery of manuscript.

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