Abby Aron

Why Me?

As well as having twenty years experience writing for the national press and glossy magazines, travel books on North Africa, UK and Asia, property books, autobiographies, misery memoirs, novels, short stories and multi award winning films, I have also worked with people, businesses and organisations from all walks of life throughout the world.

With the exception of offering professional advice when requested, I never judge or add my opinions on the story you wish to tell, this is your book I work for you.

I can write in any voice, any genre, any style, any format and I am highly experienced at ‘reading’ people and finding the true essence of an individual.

Listening is as important for a ghostwriter as writing. I have perfected the art (and it is an art) of listening through listening and it is amazing what you hear when you really pay attention. It is by listening that you really get to understand your subject and find the voice while it is the ability to think and create that forms the story. Having these two components as well as the ability to write and tell a story is what turns a good writer into an excellent ghostwriter.

If you wish to view samples of work or have any further questions, please call or email me.
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