Abby Aron

How Does It Work?

Once contact has been established, we meet, you talk, I listen to your ideas and find out from you what you wish to achieve from the writing of your story.

If the story idea works as an idea (and by the way please never be shy about coming forward with any thoughts for a story – all ideas have potential) a fee is agreed and a contract issued. Following this, we arrange to meet up on a number of occasions until I have enough material to start writing. These meetings can take place at your home, your workplace, a hotel lobby, a library or a place that works for you.

In these meetings, you talk, I listen I take notes, make recordings and ask many questions. After this, I begin writing. This involves finding and imparting your voice, seeking narrative threads, creating a structure, adding colour and, through being observant, perceptive and creative, crafting your words into a fully fledged book.
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